• Professional Service Entrepreneurs
    Independent Business Owners

    Do You Remember
    WHY You Started Your Own Business / Practice / Firm?

  • Was it because you wanted to be so busy with work that you'd have NO time to spend with your loved ones?

  • Was it because you enjoy the feeling of being stressed out, burnt out, and unable to think straight?

  • Was it because you looked forward to spreading yourself thin by wearing all the hats while NOT doing what you love?

  • Was it because you were dying to work with clients who don't respect your expertise or value your work?

  • Was it because you enjoy feeling underappreciated and being underpaid?

  • Was it because you wanted to experience what life would be like struggling to keep your dream alive?

  • Maybe That's NOT Why...

    Maybe... just maybe... you had something DIFFERENT in mind when you made that decision to branch out on your own.

    Which of the following statements are true for YOU?


    To set your own schedule for work and play.

  • You Want to be YOUR OWN BOSS

    To be in complete control of your business.


    To have more spare time to do things you want to do.


    To live life on your terms - wherever and however you desire.

  • You Want to MAKE MORE MONEY

    To become debt-free and bring an end to money-related worries.


    Now and in the future, for yourself and your loved ones.

  • You Want to PURSUE Your PASSION

    To follow your heart by doing what you truly love.


    To accomplish something great for yourself.

  • You Want to Provide a BETTER SERVICE

    To give people a choice better than what's already out there.


    To improve the lives of others by sharing your talents.

  • Are You Where
    You Had Hoped You'd Be by Now?

    If NOT, which of these things are holding you back...

  • Digital Marketing Activities

    • Doing Your Marketing Yourself:
      • do you have the appropriate marketing know-how to do it yourself?
      • are you using the marketing channels that are best for your business?
      • is this the best use of your time?
    • Not Doing Enough Marketing:
      • are you allocating sufficient time for marketing activities?
      • are you marketing consistently?
      • have you automated your marketing?
    • Not Tracking Your Marketing:
      • do you know which of your strategies are working and which are not?
      • are you eliminating the ones that don't work and scaling the ones that do?
  • Client Attraction

    • Not Knowing Your Target Market:
      • can you describe your ideal client?
      • do you know where/how to find them?
      • do you know how to get through to them?
    • Not Getting the Right Clients:
      • are you sifting through a lot of dirt to find your diamond client?
      • are your current leads actually interested in YOUR service?
      • are you generating leads that can afford your service?
    • Not Getting Enough Right Clients:
      • do you have steady flow of quality leads?
  • Systems & Processes

    • Traffic & Lead Generation:
      • are you generating targeted traffic consistently?
      • are you filtering quality leads out of that traffic?
      • are you building a list of these leads?
    • Lead Nuturing:
      • are you communicating with your leads on a regular basis?
      • are you getting them to know, like and trust you?
      • are you providing them value while staying 'top of their mind'?
    • Lead to Client Conversion:
      • are you easily getting many to purchase your service?